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08 February 2009 @ 08:16 am
So, basically NYCC was AMAZING.
Yesterday was kind of a drag when we found out Russ and Milo were still in LA, but today was awesome.

Tammy Quynh and I were waiting near MTV cause the Top Cow people told us he was going to do an interview at 1, so then we moved a bit to the other interview spots and Erin called me, saying she JUST saw them walk in and she went up the escalator with them. So we went to the Top Cow Booth and they were there.
Milo was sitting behind this wall thing and Russ came over and said hey. Then Milo was doing interviews and after he came over and took a pic:

Then we found out after that Russ had taken a pic of us with his phone and posted it on the DSC Tumblr (dividesocialclub.tumblr.com)
Here's the pic:

Anyway, after that we went straight to the panel room cause we KNEW getting seats would be hard. We got there like 3 panels before and ended up second row.
The panel was cool, those pics are gonna be on my facebook and myspace.
Then we got the tix to get to the signing and it was PACKED. We were kind of in the back, but by the time we got to them there weren't many people left so we could stay and chat, which we did...for about 5 or 10 minutes.

So, I KNEW he had forgotten my name but didn't want to ask, but by the end of our conversation he finally asked and said he would remember that for next time, and I told him he better.
Oh and he also wished me a Happy Birthday. :)

He ended up taking the picture of him and I, one of Russ and I, and Tammy's with my camera.
Oddly, I spoke a lot today.

OH, and they LOVEDDD the Berserker lunchboxes we made them! Milo took out his Dunkin Donuts giftcard like a kid on Christmas and showed it to Russ and said "OMG MAN, WE'RE TOTALLY GOING TO DUNKIN' TOMORROW MORNING."

What elsee. Oh! Erin had brought her Blades of Glory book, which is a book about Russ' high school hockey team. The boys had bought the rights to it and were SUPPOSED to make a movie, but they never did. So she showed it to Russ and he FREAKED. Here's the convo:
Erin: Here, sign this.
Russ:....WHY did you SPEND MONEY on this?!?!?!
Erin: LOL My cousin bought it. I wanted to know if you guys were EVER making that movie because it's a good book.
Russ: Yeah well....I know like EVERYONE in that book, so it would be tough...and it was so badly written we'd have to change everything. -signs book- -Erin takes it back-
Milo: WHOA IS THAT??? -grabs book from Erin and flips through it- Mannnnn. -signs it-

Then Erin and I look at their signatures after, and here's what it says:

LMFAO. Amazing. (the first sig is from Russ, and the second one from Milo)

OH! THEN! Tammy wanted to get her Heroes season 1 signed, WELL, not only did he sign the inside panel, he opened it up and SIGNED EVERY. SINGLE. DISK.

Carrie and I were talking about the last NYCC, and how she pretty much was yelling at him at the panel about how he could be italian and a vegetarian. So she was like "he won't remember, naw." and the FIRST thing he says when she got to him was "Yeah, you're the girl who thinks italians can't be vegetarians."
'I was like 'LOL I TOLD YOU.'
Russ was just like "Yeah man, that was a stupid question."

We didn't FILM any of it, but there was a guy there from G4 filming the WHOLE thing.

OK well, this is it so far! More vids soon, when Carrie and Quynh send them and I get mine organized! :)

MORE: So, on the tumblr this morning, the guys posted a pic of Milo looking into the window of Dunkin' and a caption saying:
"Thank you so much for the donuts."
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29 January 2008 @ 07:51 pm
I knew you'd figure it out one day, although I was hoping it would be sooner. Now that it's completely over with, it's a little late.
Whatever, as long as it was figured out in the first place, I'm happy.
24 July 2005 @ 01:39 am